Survival & Rescue Equipment

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Fishing Kit

NSN 4220-00-244-0764, Mil-F-6218, A-A-58025


Saw, Flexible, 16 inches long

Desalter Kits

Turns Salt Water into Fresh Drinking Water

T/I 6 Sets of Desalting Packets
T/II 8 Sets of Desalting Packets

Raft Repair Clamps

1 Man Raft 45B8979-1
MultiMan Raft 45B8979-2


Lensatic, Mil-C-10436
Engineer's, SP-381
Wrist Type, 6605-00-809-5252

Survival Tools

Machetes, Aircrew Survival Knife,
Pocket Knife, Floating Raft Knife,
Parachute Knife

Ocean Craft Survival Kit

Over 80 Life Saving Items

Not shown: (Emergency Fishing Kit for Merchant Vessels, NSN 4220-00-125-8751, Coast Guard # 160.061-1)

Raft Survival Kit

T/I 1 Man Raft
T/II 4 to 7 Man Raft
T/III 12 to 20 Man Raft

Small Aircraft Survival Kits

Jungle JSK-1
Arctic ASK-1
Desert DSK-1

Individual Survival Kit

1 Part Kit 6545-00-139-3671
2 Part Kit 6545-00-611-0978

Individual Airman's Survival-Rescue Kit

Type SRU-31/P, Mil-S-11941
Part I General Packet
Part II Medical Packet

Disaster Preparedness Kit

Single and Multi Person First Aid & Survival Kit for any emergency.
Contained in a heavy weight canvas backpack.

Aircraft Survival & Rescue Kit

1 Man ASK-1
4 Man ASK-4

Helicopter Survival & Rescue Kit

2 Man HSK-2
4 Man HSK-4

Aircraft Seat Survival Kit

54D3750 Mod 1

Life Raft Survival Kit (LR-1)

NavAir 13-1-6.1

Carrying Case

For Multiple Life Rafts and Wing Installation

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