Distress Signals

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Emergency Distress Beacons

1. AN/PRC 90-2 Voice and Distress Signal
2. AN/URT 33 Emergency Distress Signal
3. EBC-102 Compact Distress Beacon
4. EBC-102 Impact Activated Beacon
5. EBC-302 Omni Directional Helo Beacon

Rescue Signal/Instruction Panel

Mil-B-36964 T/I 12 oz OD/Silver
Mil-B-36964 T/II 3 oz OD/Silver
Mil-B-36964 T/III 3 oz Orange/Silver

Emergency Lights

Signal Lights
Distress Strobe Lights
Water Activated Lights
Cyalume Glow Lights

Signal Panel Marker


Colors: Orange, Pink

Light, Marker, Distress

MS-2000(M), NSN 6230-01-411-8535

Emergency Locator Transmitter


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