Raft Plug Repair Clamp

Raft Plug Repair Clamp 3.25″

Raft Repair Plugs are designed for repairing damage to inflatable survival equipment, any other air bladder or water bladder up to .25” thick with damage not greater than the width of the clamp. Simply insert the bottom plate, pull back and turn 90 degrees, attach top plate with wing nut. Re-inflate the raft.

  • MS27826-1, 45B8979-1, 3.25” Single Oval Repair Plug
  • 13B13011-0, 67C46306-20, 45B8979-2, (4 EA) 3.25″ Oval Repair Plug,
  • 67C46306-10, 4220-00-763-3766, (2 EA) 3.25″ Oval Repair Plug 1 Pliers & 36″ CORD 2 INSTRUCTION CARDS.

All Raft plugs are made of an Aluminum body with brass and Stainless Steel stems & Nylon cord.
Made in the USA, Packaged in a 3 mill Poly bag and supplied with an Instruction Card and Desiccant pack.


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